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Image of digital city with tale town title

Tale Town


Our project, Technology for Acquiring Language through Engagement (TALE), focuses on designing a gamified platform to help self-learners acquire foreign language skills, specifically non-native English speakers. 

Research question: How might we help intermediate to advanced English learners get more practice speaking their target language with others?

Motivations: Self-learners encounter a number of challenges when attempting to learn a language, including:

  1. Lack of depth in existing free learning materials
  2. Disconnect to native speakers and culture
  3. Struggles with loss of interest or feelings of burnout over time
  4. Difficulties practicing natural conversations

Why gamification? Research has shown that playful environments and gamified approaches can be powerful tools for engaging learners.

Project Team

  • Kyle Leinart, MS-HCI student
  • Irene Ong, MS-HCI student
  • Calvin Mammen, MS-CS student
  • Theresa Hsieh, MS-HCI student
  • Jessica Roberts, Faculty advisor