Current Projects

3-part Screen captures of AR platform. Left image is a scientific journal with a triceratops skull and blank spaces for observations and inferences. Center and left images show the triceratops skull overlaid on a conference table and a mockup of a student conversation, respectively.


A mixed reality platform to help third grade students with literacy and science skills.

AI Literacy

Fostering AI Literacy through Embodiment and Creativity across Informal Learning Spaces is an NSF-funded research program to explore how we can advance AI literacy for people outside of computer science education.


Contextualized Air Quality Timelines (ContAQT) is an air pollution data platform to visualize local AQI values over time and teach users about the multiple pollutants measured in air quality ratings

The linked map interface shows secondary educational attainment for the world by country and US by county.

Mapping Inequality

This project investigates how users perceive socioeconomic disparities using six indicators in the United States before and after interacting with a U.S. only map and a map of the U.S. contextualized with a map of the world.

Dataseum branding logo

The Dataseum

The Dataseum is a public space showcasing some of the data created by and for Georgia Tech research.

A digital whiteboard from a codesign session with ocean experts

Accessible Oceans

Accessible Oceans: Exploring Ocean Data Through Sound seeks to use authentic oceanography data to create an interactive data engagement experience for blind and visually impaired learners.

Coal Pollution Impacts Explorer

The Coal Pollution Impacts Explorer: An online interface for exploring dispersion and impacts of Sulfur Oxides (SOx) from coal-fired electricity generating facilities.

Image of digital city with tale town title

Tale Town

Tale Town is an online collaborative platform to support intermediate second language learners to practice speaking and listening through gamified social interactions.

Past Projects

Developing Technology to Support Remote Art Education for K-2 Students

This project studies how the integration of instrumented tangible tools into virtual environments can support K-2 learners in remote settings


Crossroads is a mobile education platform designed for cisgender Greek Life students to provide an opportunity to learn about transgender and nonbinary issues to promote the understanding of their peers.