Title slide from panel presentation with a rainbow crossing a cloudy sky and the words "Happily Ever After: Start with the end in mind" across the middle and the NSF logo in the lower right.

Happily Ever After: Wrapping up an NSF Project

As Accessible Oceans nears the end of its grant period, Jessica joined Martha Merson, Andee Rubin, and Amanda Bastoni on a panel at the 2023 AISL Awardee Meeting in Arlington, VA to talk about ways to successfully bring an NSF grant to its end. Read our blog post on the topic here.

White text on black background Image Alt Text – A surface-level view of waves in the ocean. The waves<br />
come into focus where a buoy rests on the right side of the image. The<br />
buoy is yellow and blue with solar panels and a large white metal tower,<br />
several meters tall, affixed on top. Meteorological sensors cover the tower.<br />
An overlay title on the image reads, Accessible Oceans.

Oceanography Article on Accessible Data

The Accessible Oceans team has been getting the word out about making accessible data representations for visually impaired learners. Our recent article in Oceanography, the official magazine of the Oceanography Society, documents our process and gives tips on designing accessible displays. Read the article here.

Image of CPIE landing page showing choropleth map of US deaths related to coal pollution on the left and a shaded area graph of same over 20 years on the right.

CPIE in the Journal Science

The TILEs Lab has been collaborating with Dr. Lucas Henneman (GMU) since 2020 on air pollution visualizations. The culminating work, the Coal Pollution Impacts Explorer (developer: Sichen Jin), is featured in an article in the Journal Science this month. Read the article here.

Image of poster presented at ASSETS23. See paper for info.

Huaigu presents Accessible Oceans at ASSETS23

Huaigu traveled to NYC in October to present our poster demonstrating results from testing our auditory prototypes with BLV students at our partner schools. Read the paper here

Co-PI and Oregon faculty member Jon Bellona demonstrates the auditory prototypes to six children

AroundtheO feature on Accessible Oceans

Read the recent feature article on the Accessible Oceans project from the Universy of Oregon’s newsletter AroundtheO here.

Concept sketch for potential AQI platform

NSF Funding to support environmental data literacy

We are very excited to announce that NSF has granted $1.8M in funding for our efforts to engage the public and middle school students in data visualization activities around air quality and environmental data. Jessica will be working with Alex Endert from the IC Vis group and Jayma Koval and Sabrina Grossman in CEISMC on this 4-year study. Read the project abstract here

Image of poster presented at ICLS on teachers' processes for planning for productive failure in engineering clasrooms.

Discussing Productive Failure in High School Engineering class at ICLS 2023

Yasmine’s work with two Georgia Internship Fellowship for Teachers (GIFT) participants last summer led to interesting insights into how teachers construct design challenges. Jessica presented the poster of this work on Yasmine’s behalf at ICLS 2023 in Montreal. Read the paper here: ICLS2023_AI-EDPL

Title slide for presentation made at CSCL2023 in Montreal

CSCL2023: Breaking Down the Visual Barrier

Jessica had the opportunity to present some of the exploratory work on Accessible Oceans to the computer-supported collaborative learning community at ISLS in Montreal. Read the paper here.

Kyle receiving Distinguished MS Student award from Keith Edwards

Kyle Leinart honored as Distinguished Master’s Student

Kyle received the well-deserved honor of being namded GVU Distinguished Master’s Student for 2022 based on his work on the FossilVR platform. Congrats, Kyle!


CIRCLS Spotlight: Artificial Intelligence for the Engineering Design Process

Check out our collaboration with Mark Reidl and CEISMC on the NSF-funded work bringing AI to high school engineering education. CIRCLS spotlight

Side view of chameleon clippers

Chameleon Clippers at CSCL 2022

Congratulations to Gennie, Ashley, and Sue for their technology innovation paper nominated for a Best Design Paper at CSCL 2022!

Together with my colleague and friend Francesco Cafaro, I am very excited to announce the release of our new book, Data Through Movement: Designing Embodied Human-Data Interaction for Informal Learning. 

August 11, 2021